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Your customers are all online. But are you? With Bookaspace you got everything you need to build that online presence for your studio. Enabling you to get more bookings and attract new musicians.

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It's more than just another listing

Partnering with Bookaspace gives you much more than just another listing on a website no one uses. With Bookaspace you allow your clients and new musicians to place a booking online, whenever, from any device. You manage your opening hours, rooms, prices and cancellation fees. All online in one place, so your musicians will always know what to expect.

Manage Studio Online

Manage your studio online

With Bookaspace you can manage your whole studio from your computer, tablet or even phone. Add information about your place, equipment, custom booking rules, opening hours and much, much more.

24/7 Bookings

24/7 bookings, even when you're closed

When was the last time you booked something online at the last minute? With Bookaspace you're giving your customers the opportunity to do just that.

Signing up with Bookaspace gives your studio its own personalised online calendar where musicians can book a rehearsal from their computer or on the go with their phones. You can event integrate a "Book Now" button on your website which will take them your designated Bookaspace page straight away.

Secure Client Data

Keep your clients details secure online

Handling customer data online is always a hot and sensitive topic. When using Bookaspace, your customers data will be stored securely online. Only you will have access to your customer list. And to help you out, Bookaspace is fully GDPR compliant.

Getting started with Bookaspace is easier than you think